Pancake week

Crepes are served with various types of toppings such as homemade jams, syrups, sour cream, cottage cheese, smoked salmon or also caviar.

I knew about traditions before I could talk. Infinitesimal signs of the weather always got me excited more than ever. First glimpse of sunshine, pouring rain or fresh and freezing air... Each month was magical. It held meaning and each day of it was filled with history I felt attached to on some subconcious level I could not explain. Now a few years after I still feel the connection. March is one of my most favourite. You can almost hear nature breathing in and out, awakening from her deep sleep. The sun is showing first glimpse and everythng comes to life.

Spring usually starts with Maslenitsa which ended the last week. It is an eastern slavic tradition celebrating the end of the winter. Each day of the week people visit their friends and family and share food. The shape of pancakes itself embodied the sun that should warm the frozen lands. It starts with welcoming Monday when people would build "Lady Maslenitsa" out of straw and old women's clothes. People sang around and welcomed spring into their homes. The rest of the week was all about families gathering together to devour some delicious crepes. For Christians it represents the last week before the Great Lent. But it's also the perfect opportunity to explore new recipes.

The old belief says that your personality is strongly connected to the way you prefer your pancake. Tender and affectionate people prefer pancakes with butter. Loyal people eat their pancakes with jam. Got a strong personality? Caviar might be your choice. People who have their heads in the clouds prefer pancakes with smoked fish. Kind hearted people could eat crepes with Cottage cheese all day long. Meanwhile the indecisive ones would rather put some sour cream on it. Which one are you? I think, I'm a little bit of everything. In fact I'm getting quite hungry. Let's get started!

You need:

500 ml milk
250g flour
2 eggs
2 tablespoons sunflower oil
1 tablespoon of sugar
pinch of salt

                                                   Step by step:

Beat eggs with salt and sugar. Pour in about 200 ml milk and whisk together. Add flour. The consistency of crepes batter should be similar to thick whipped cream. Then add the rest of the milk and oil. Mix together. Let it rest for about 15-20 minutes.


Pancakes with pears and agáve syrup

I must admit my pancakes were the worst years ago. It was like one of those challenges I knew I would never conquer. But a few months back, Zoe Sugg introduced us all to Jamie Oliver's american style pancake recipe and it is absolutely amazing. Pancakes turn out great each time. You can make them plain or add any toppings you prefer. Today I made two versions - with smoked salmon and sautéed pears. For recipe, click here.

Either way, we all could agree that pancakes and especially crepes are extremely versatile and could become a part of any meal. Sweet or savoury - they are quick to make and delicious. Even though, pancake week is gone now, who said we can't make our own? Make your own tradition - to make every week a pancake week.


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